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The national debate over the treatment of elephants in zoos and circuses has captured headlines across the nation for several years. The following is a collection of news reports that have appeared recently, and a sampling of important articles from previous years.


Protesters hope to stop proposed elephant center in St. Lucie County

Reid Park Zoo Makes Worst Zoos for Elephants List


California Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Los Angeles Zoo

Group urges closure of zoo's elephant exhibit

Harper backs panda push for Toronto Zoo

Lucky the Elephant

Elephant's death a crossroads for zoo

Feds Slap Los Angeles Zoo with Fine in Death of Elephant


Grief in animals (including elephants)

Zoo's elephants need more room to roam

New law spells the end of animals in circuses

Big-top lawsuit could spell end of bullhooks in zoos

Philadelphia Elephant Move: Animal Protection Organizations Unite To Oppose Sending Elephants to Inhumane Pittsburgh Zoo Facility

Harmful Zoo Conditions at Heart of Memphis Zoo Elephant Tragedy

Group criticizes Memphis Zoo after elephant death

Animal activists decry expanded elephant displays

NPR: The Environment Report - Should Zoos Keep Elephants

Elephants Tina and Jewel: Training Progress

Zoo: Alabama elephant deaths not related to breeding; critics disagree

Animal Activists Want 'Lucky' Moved: Group Argues Lucky The Elephant Should Be In Tennessee

Lawsuit accuses Ringling of abusing elephants

Editor calls for more space for NC Zoo elephants

NC Zoo Should Give Elephants More Space

Kin Under the Skin

New Elephants: Jewel and Tina

Zoo won't release elephant birth video

2 elephants seized from owner in Texas

Authorities seize 2 elephants in Leggett

Bunny's a success story, says Elephant Sanctuary founder

Zoo director sacrificed career to send Bunny to The Elephant Sanctuary

The greatest sham on Earth

Protesters to follow elephants into Santa Rosa and Petaluma

Bob Barker Continues His Animal Rights Work

Actor Still Wants to Close LA Zoo Elephant Exhibit

Advocates express concern about (Phila. Zoo) elephants' new home

International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos News Coverage

No lions, tigers and bears, oh my: Circus Garden's visit takes a 'new path,' without animals

Cages to Conservation- America’s Zoos: Inside Out (Radio documentary)

Another side of the Philadelphia Zoo story (4/2/09)

WATCH: Elephant Abuse Under the Big Top

Elephant Virus has All Zoos Worried (2/13/09)

Reckoning at Ringling (2/4/09)

Los Angeles Won't Send Pachyderm Packing (1/29/09)

The elephant in the room: A larger living space may not be enough for elephants at Honolulu Zoo (1/28/09)


Stress and lack of exercise are killing elephants, zoos warned (12/12/08)

LISTEN: Study Finds Elephants in Zoos Live Shorter Lives (12/12/08)

Free Dumbo! Zoos are Bad for Elephants (12/11/08)

Critical Report on Health of Zoo Elephants Is Debated (12/11/08)

Utah elephant led a life of heartbreak (9/21/08)

Oregonian Editorial: The Elephant in the Room (9/7/08)

Distraught Elephant to Remain in Dallas

What to Do With Traumatized Elephant Stirs Up Dallas

Dirty Secrets Under the Big Top (8/13/08)

WATCH: They're Like Us, Elephant Researchers Say (7/24/08)


Elephant Care Controversy (12/3/07)

Elephants Suffer in Zoos (1/28/07)

The Elephant in The Room, Leslie Griffith on Tuberculosis in Ringling Elephants (9/12/07)

Thick Skins, Tender Hearts: Should there be elephants at Denver Zoo? (7/27/07)

Hansa's Short Life One of Deprivation (7/11/07)


Are Zoos Killing Elephants?

Who Belongs in a Zoo?

Elephant Debate: Live in zoo or roam free (11/1/06)

Elephants pose challenge for zoos (7/26/06)

Jumbo Row Over U.S. Zoo Elephants (12/20/06)

Elephants have Achilles Heel and it's their Feet (11/16/06)


Let Zoo's Elephants Go (10/16/05)